burglar alarms bristolAnnual Routine Maintenance

All Imperial Fire & Security Ltd Intruder alarms can be designed to comply with BS8243, EN50131-1/PD 6662 and the requirements laid down by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB). It may be a requirement of your insurance policy that your system is covered by a routine maintenance contract, for which you may be eligible for a discount on your contents insurance cover. Depending on your requirements, we offer a number of contract options for burglar alarms Bristol, South West & South Wales:

Maintenance visit a year: Systems without remote signalling (bells only) require just one visit.

Maintenance visits a year: If your system in connected to the Alarm Receiving Centre it is a Police and SSAIB requirement that the system must be subject to two inspection visits per annum. (One can be remote providing the system is not Grade 3).

What is involved in your maintenance inspection?

Calls are pre-booked by Imperial Fire & Security Ltd and notified well in advance to give clients the opportunity to contact us, if the pre-arranged date is inconvenient. During the maintenance visit, the intruder alarm is tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Any developing fault found would be rectified accordingly at no charge other than for replacement components which are outside the 12 month guarantee period. Our emergency service department is available 24 hours a day with attendance within 4 hours if required.

Automatic Remote Maintenance (Alarm Receiving Centre)

Imperial Fire & Security Ltd can verify that your entire security system is fully functional providing complete peace of mind in your security arrangements. You can choose one of your two yearly inspections.

Secure and Convenient

ARC enhances your security by constantly checking on the electrical status and functional capability of the alarm system.

Formal reporting

At a pre-set time, the control panel will call the host server and upload a full report on the status of your system. This report may be printed and copied to you, if required. Regular reporting by your alarm system to Imperial Fire & Security Ltd takes the inconvenience out of service visits, and ensures the system is always operating at its peak performance level.

Full Signalling and Warning Analysis

The correct operation of signalling equipment to the Alarm Receiving Centre is reassured along with a full test of the external sounders, initiated by the user.

Latest Technology

ARC software incorporates BS8243:2010 to conform with the current Police and European requirements on false alarm reduction and system design.

Detector performance analysis

All detectors are regularly checked to ensure your complete protection. Regular reminders to walk-test the system are given






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